The Design edition

The Design Edition line products, besides being made of quality materials, also have very sophisticated design.

Usage of modern materials, as well as taking care of products ergonomic standards, will make you move your boundaries in everyday cooking. Quite simply, cooking becomes fun.

Korea style

Napravljene od termootporne plastike – otporne na toplotu.
easy to maintain and gentle with dishes.

The set includes 3 types of spatulas in an orange color according to the line of Korea pans and knives.


Silicone is flexible and strong material, and as such has proven to be excellent for the production of a wide range of different kitchen products.

It is safe for your health, gentle to your pots and pans, resistant to high and low temperature, easy for cleaning and storage and extremely durable.

With all this, it comes in bright colors that will make your work in the kitchen even more fun.


Style kolekcija sadrži 6 špatula napravljenih od termootporne plastike – otporne na toplotu.

The material is safe for dishes, and the whole set is suitable for easy food preparation and serving.

Dishwasher safe. Light and long lasting.

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