Stone line

Due to the induction bottom, casseroles are suitable for all hob types.

The five-layer, non-stick coating without PFOA, making it easier to prepare meals. Easy to clean. The thickness of the dishes of 3 mm means that the heat is transmitted evenly along the entire pan, which gives excellent results in food preparation.

Black line

Black Line is designed to provide healthier food preparation with the best performance.

In addition to the induction bottom, the ergonomic "soft touch" handle and the ideal thickness of the pan's body, the entire line also has a special Quantanium coating that enhances the non-stick properties of the surface, which enables food preparation with minimal use of oil.

Coral Red

With its striking design, conical shape and coral red color, stands out from the competition.

Aluminijumski tiganji debljine 2,2 mm, sa non – stick premazom imaju odličan odnos cene i kvaliteta. Soft-touch ručka omogućava ugodnu upotrebu na klasičnim ringlama, plinu i staklokeramičkim ravnim pločama.


Pošto je keramika je prirodan materijal, ovu liniju tiganja preporučujemo svima kojima je zdravo kuvanje prvi izbor. Premaz na posuđu ne sadrži PFOA i PTFE, zbog indukcionog dna posuđe je pogodno za upotrebu na svim ringlama a rukovanje je lako uz ergonomski oblikovanu “soft touch” dršku.

This cookware line has clean lines that fit into a modern minimalist aesthetic.

Massive line

The Massive line of pans is made of cast aluminum, which guarantees better temperature distribution and gives excellent results when preparing food.

Although massive, this pan is also very light, has a two-layer non-stick coating, and with a specially designed wooden soft handle, it makes the process of food preparation very simple.  

Happy Pancake

The perfect pancake pan. Easy to use, cheerful colors with a non-stick coating that makes easy to make this Greek delicacy.

Fun Pan

The frying pan with a high-quality non-stick coating is suitable for all types of hobs.

The silicone handle, comes in 4 colors, perfectly suits your needs.

Korea Style

This line brings the spirit of Asia in your kitchen. The high sides of the pan are exactly like those used in Korean cuisine, making this pan something between a classic pan and a wok.

Two drains on the rim of the pan help to easily get rid of excess liquid or oil in the food you are preparing.

The soft touch handle, the induction bottom as well as the high-quality non-stick coating make food preparation easier, and the pan itself is suitable for use on all hobs type.


A modern line of pans for everyday use, with a non-stick coating and a soft touch handle, guarantees excellent results in food preparation.

Extra value is the gift spatula that comes with every pan from this line.